Live and Direct

Sant Saëns Seine will be live at Arts Mission Oak Cliff, Dallas, TX, on Thursday, May 5th at 6:30pm. We’ll mostly play new school jams from Salon Trash and the recent Mediavuelta albums, but expect a few SSS classics for the people. Natalie Sarno joins the group on b a b y g r a…

sister / sister

Two shiny new, sister albums from Mediavuelta are now available at ananalog.bandcamp.com. Love For All, Hate For Some and moonshot feature Mediavuelta’s trademark use of deepcut samples, improbably combined into polyrhythmic loops, with a stronger melodic and harmonic presence than previous albums via Ryan Sarno’s guitars and synths, and Megan Sarno’s vocals.

MFBV, Vol.2: After Tears Comes Laughter

The second volume of the Blue Funk and Mediavuelta collaborative deejay series is up! Get up to get down with a diverse set of outernational soul and funk. Mediavuelta & DJ Blue Funk are MFBV – coming together once again to unify the funky peoples along the I-35 corridor. I’m excited about this mix! Turn…