Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 1 (33 – 27)

I am just past thirty-three and a third years old in April of 2020. When I turned thirty I considered posting a list of the thirty best songs – an aesthetic portrait written in the FM radio language of national bank holiday weekends. I couldn’t narrow the list to thirty, so the article was neverContinue reading “Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 1 (33 – 27)”

Minnesota Private Radio, Two, 9.6.18

1. MF Doom (Mediavuelta remix), “Go With the Flow (12” version)“, Operation: Doomsday, Foldle ‘Em / Metal Face, 1999 / 2008 / 2018, USA   June haze remix of the original version of Doom’s “Go With The Flow.” I have the recording as collected on the 2008 Metal Face reissue of the oft reissued Operation: Doomsday.Continue reading “Minnesota Private Radio, Two, 9.6.18”

Minnesota Private Radio, One, 4.16.18

1. Mediavuelta, “Apex Predator”, Secretariat Don’t Wash Dishes, Ananalog, 2017, USA Ananalog’s family beatmaker, Mediavuelta, leads off with a short loop and a track that features a bass drop like a Persian leopard dropping from an ancient cypress to snap your neck. 2. Bahamadia, “True Honey Buns”, Kollage, Chrysalis, 1996, USA Party prep jam seesContinue reading “Minnesota Private Radio, One, 4.16.18”