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Two shiny new, sister albums from Mediavuelta are now available at Love For All, Hate For Some and moonshot feature Mediavuelta’s trademark use of deepcut samples, improbably combined into polyrhythmic loops, with a stronger melodic and harmonic presence than previous albums via Ryan Sarno’s guitars and synths, and Megan Sarno’s vocals.

MFBV, Vol.2: After Tears Comes Laughter

The second volume of the Blue Funk and Mediavuelta collaborative deejay series is up! Get up to get down with a diverse set of outernational soul and funk. Mediavuelta & DJ Blue Funk are MFBV – coming together once again to unify the funky peoples along the I-35 corridor. I’m excited about this mix! TurnContinue reading “MFBV, Vol.2: After Tears Comes Laughter”

Thirty-three and a Third, Complete List

I am just past thirty-three and a third years old in April of 2020. When I turned thirty I considered posting a list of the thirty best songs – an aesthetic portrait written in the FM radio language of national bank holiday weekends. I couldn’t narrow the list to thirty, so the article was neverContinue reading “Thirty-three and a Third, Complete List”

Thirty-three for Thirty-three, pt. 7 (5-1)

6. Albert Ayler, “Bells,” Love Cry, Impulse!, 1968, USA With 1968’s Love Cry, Albert Ayler distilled the ideas he had developed over years – about tone; melodic, harmonic, rhythmic improvisation; avant-garde and nostalgia; structure and freedom; popular music and art music – into the most succinctly stated free jazz of the decade. There is noContinue reading “Thirty-three for Thirty-three, pt. 7 (5-1)”

Thirty-three for Thirty-three, pt. 6 (10-7)

10. Mor Thiam, “Ayo Ayo Nene,” Dini Safarrar, self-released / Jazzman, 1973, Senegal / USA Mor Thiam’s “Ayo Ayo Nene (Blessing For The Newborn Baby)” is stomping, joyful, pushed into the red, Afrojazz. The baby is Thiam’s son, R&B star, Akon, then less than a year old, pictured on the back cover, propped up onContinue reading “Thirty-three for Thirty-three, pt. 6 (10-7)”

It Takes Two

Go listen to the collaborative set DJ Blue Funk and I just released! DJs Blue Funk and Mediavuelta go full Megazord on a two hour set of globetrotting funk. From Japanese cumbia to Balani Show thunder, from Mizell honey to East German satin soul. Beaming directly from their nuclear powered turntables to the satellite phoneContinue reading “It Takes Two”

Thirty-three for Thirty-three, pt. 5 (13-11)

13. Antoine Brumel (performed by Huelgas Ensemble, Paul Van Nevel), Missa “Et Ecce Terrae Motus,” Sony Classical, 1506-1510 (recorded 1990), France If it isn’t obvious by the end of this entry, you should be warned that I lack sufficient knowledge of Renaissance music to argue the greatness of Antoine Brumel’s Earthquake Mass. It is instinct.Continue reading “Thirty-three for Thirty-three, pt. 5 (13-11)”