Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 4 (18 – 14)

18.  Les Rallizes Dénudés, “People Can Choose / Field of Artificial Flowers*,” Heavier Than A Death In The Family,  Phoenix, 1977?, Japan Two truths: loaded and overloaded. Setting off an avalanche with fists, where each snowflake is a microwave at full popcorn with the door smacking open and shut, where the ski lift is tippingContinue reading “Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 4 (18 – 14)”

Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 3 (22 – 19)

22. Abelardo Carbonó y Su Conjunto, “Palenque,” s/t, Producciones Fonograficos Felito, 1982 (Colombia) I’m generally reluctant to use a marketing term like “tropical” to describe music. It risks the sin of exotcizing that has justifiably relegated mountains of once poshly issued RCA and Philips ethnographica to the mildewed corners of warehouse book stores. The mostlyContinue reading “Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 3 (22 – 19)”

Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 2 (26-23)

26. György Ligeti, London Sinfonietta Voices, “Éjszaka – Reggel”, A Capella Works, Sony Classical, 1955 (Hungary)  Ligeti’s twin settings of Sándor Weöres’ short poems, “Éjszaka” and “Reggel” (night and morning) are brief, but dramatic and rich with natural and psychological meaning. He amplifies Weöres’ text. The London Sinfonietta Voices recordings interpret Ligeti’s gestures to fullContinue reading “Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 2 (26-23)”

Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 1 (33 – 27)

I am just past thirty-three and a third years old in April of 2020. When I turned thirty I considered posting a list of the thirty best songs – an aesthetic portrait written in the FM radio language of national bank holiday weekends. I couldn’t narrow the list to thirty, so the article was neverContinue reading “Thirty-three for thirty-three, pt. 1 (33 – 27)”

Minnesota Private Radio, Two, 9.6.18

1. MF Doom (Mediavuelta remix), “Go With the Flow (12” version)“, Operation: Doomsday, Foldle ‘Em / Metal Face, 1999 / 2008 / 2018, USA   June haze remix of the original version of Doom’s “Go With The Flow.” I have the recording as collected on the 2008 Metal Face reissue of the oft reissued Operation: Doomsday.Continue reading “Minnesota Private Radio, Two, 9.6.18”

Minnesota Private Radio, One, 4.16.18

1. Mediavuelta, “Apex Predator”, Secretariat Don’t Wash Dishes, Ananalog, 2017, USA Ananalog’s family beatmaker, Mediavuelta, leads off with a short loop and a track that features a bass drop like a Persian leopard dropping from an ancient cypress to snap your neck. 2. Bahamadia, “True Honey Buns”, Kollage, Chrysalis, 1996, USA Party prep jam seesContinue reading “Minnesota Private Radio, One, 4.16.18”

they flutter behind you

The music of Pink Floyd encourages association with monumental concepts of Time – the past, the future, the eternity of space and death, or our own human history that echoes across generations. The broad scale of these concepts may obscure specific meanings in this music that is rich with meaning, but by tracking the music’sContinue reading “they flutter behind you”