It Takes Two

Go listen to the collaborative set DJ Blue Funk and I just released!

DJs Blue Funk and Mediavuelta go full Megazord on a two hour set of globetrotting funk. From Japanese cumbia to Balani Show thunder, from Mizell honey to East German satin soul. Beaming directly from their nuclear powered turntables to the satellite phone on your catamaran. It takes two to make a thing go right. Mediavuelta and Blue Funk. December 11, 2020 to the moon.

SET ONE, Mediavuelta

1. Shabazz Palaces, “Are you… can you… were you? (Felt)

+Syrinx, “Tillicum”

2. Sinn Sisamouth, “Jasmine Girl”

3. Mediavuelta, “alfabetyczym”

4. Prince Far I, “Natty Farmyard”

5. Piero Umiliani, “Stream”

6. Jaimie Branch, “theme 002”

7. Kwi Bamba, “Dama wey”

8. Super Mama Djombo, “Seiango”

9. Djelika Diawara, “Alu Ni Woula (DJ Diaki remix)”

10 Arthur Russell, “Treehouse”

11. Polonius, “Anaxia!”

12. The Leonard Simpson Duo, “Friends”

13. Bobbi Humphrey, “Uno Esta”

14. Cuarteto Tema IV, “Tema IV”

15. Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou, “Thingalene”

16. La Contundencia, “Kilele”

17. Greg Foat & James Thorpe, “Photosynthesis”

18. Domenique Dumont, “L’Esprit de l’Escalier”

19. Vince Staples, “Norf Norf”

+Mindy Meng Wang, “Forbidden City, A Cold Moon”

+Yasuaki Shimizu, “Tachikawa”

20. Carlos Nino & Friends, “Light-Codes”

21. Craig Leon, “One Hundred Steps”

22. Esa, “A Muto”

23. Bobby Nunn, “Got My Eye On You”

24. Baldan Bembo, “Abat Jour”

SET TWO, DJ Blue Funk

1. United Future Organization – “United Future Airlines (Edit)”

2. Stefano Torossi – “Running Fast” 

3. Joe Gallardo Y Sol – “Bird of Beauty” 

4. Quantic – “En Focus (feat. Trinidad) [Pilooski Remix]”

5. Big Daddy Kane – “Ain’t No Half Steppin’ (Phoreyz & Brisk Multramix)” 

6. Tony Bizarro – “Não Vai Mudar”

7. Toni Tornado – “Podes Crer, Amizade”

8. Leroy Hutson – “Love To Hold You Close”

9. Jack Ashford – “Las Vegas Strut”

10. Crown City Rockers – “B-Boy” 

11. NxWorries – “Scared Money”

12. Contrafluxo – “Corrente do Bem”

13. Uschi Bruning – “Hochzeitsnach”

14. Juca Chaves – “Take Me Back To Piaui (Dubben Mix)”

15. Minyo Crusaders – “Otemoyan”

16. Sister Nancy – “Bam Bam”

17. Main Source – “Just Hangin’ Out” 

18. Gilberto Gil – “Chiclete Com Banana (V4YS Sambebop Edit)” 

19. Arnold Blair – “Trying To Get Next To You”

20. Akira Ishikawa & The Count Buffalos Latin Beats – “Frenesi” 

21. Elis Regina – “Yê Melê”

22. Ozzie Hall – “Take Five”

23. Makaya McCraven – “Dadada” 

24. Dexter Story – “Eastern Prayer feat. Nia Andrews”

25. Super Sounds Namba – “Who’s Free”

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