Salon Trash

Ananalog Records is proud to share the second Sant Saëns Seine album, Salon Trash.

Salon Trash is sixteen alternate reality pop songs, recorded with a Roland sampler, a red SG and a deskful of variously functioning electronics, in Minneapolis bedrooms and a Dallas carport, between 2017 and 2021.

Mediavuelta beats, snaking Zoot Horn Rollo / Fan Fan guitar lines, odd time signatures, lyrics with references ranging from Gregorio Cortez and Malory to the Iverson cut and Brentford Disco Set. Featuring Megan Sarno on vocals, and then 2.5 year old Lupe Sarno on nuclear monosynth. The sixteenth song, a low fidelity, anti-war guitar anthem, written in the style of the first Sant Saëns Seine album, is only available with downloads.

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